How much does it cost to move to New York?

Tuesday, December 24

Are you ready to move to New York? Maybe you already packed for moving, but don’t have a truck to move or didn’t hire moving professionals to help you or you still looking to help you pack all your stuff. Anyway, it will cost you time or your money.

Packing is really important when moving Long Distance. As an example moving from Boston to New York is 200 miles and 4 hours of driving ( without traffic ). To make sure that everything is packed professionally you need to hire professional packers. Most of the moving companies that can help you move to New York provide such services, also, they have insurance in case something goes wrong. Usually moving companies charge for packing hourly and it will be around 4-6 hours for a regular one-bedroom apartment.

The next step is to make sure that everything is stacked perfectly in your truck, so nothing is going to be damaged during the driving process. You can do it yourself, of course, when you rent a truck and decided to drive to New York, but I suggest to hire professionals at least to help you stack your truck. They will make sure everything is fixed and not moving during driving even a couple of hours of work will be enough for standard one bedroom to be loaded into the truck.

Another important part of the moving process to New York is when your stuff already delivered to “the Big Apple”. The first barrier on your way will be parking. It’s insanely difficult to find parking and not to get ticket for that for any car, can you imagine when it’s a large truck. The best way is to prepare a month before your move and order a parking permit, but there are cases when you haven’t decide where you too, then you have only one choice and it’s to pay that ticket.

After you parked your truck or movers that you hired and ready to unload it make sure that you already spoke to the building about your move and they reserved an elevator for you.

Now you are fully moved and happily you or movers you hired unpack all you belonging in your new place. The actual price for moving to New York usually depends on the distance and size of the move. For One Bedroom apartment from Boston to New York, the price for moving will be between $1200 - $1400 including all other charges.